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About Me

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I am Dr Aastha Bhardwaj Medical writer and health Blog writer. Worked as a Health blog writer with many magazines, websites and companies as a Ghostwriter free of cost. Just their feedback and comment on my Article.

With this I also a Graduate from Guru Ravidas Ayurveda University as a Professional Medical Doctor knowledge of both Allopathy science and Indian Traditional Medicine. 

Our Story

I am Dr Aastha Bhardwaj and I finished my High School in year 2016 March. Then after 3-4 months, I give Medical Entrance test for a University and got selected Guru Ravidas Ayurveda University of Hoshiarpur, India. 

It was the starting of first year in January 2017, I still remember I didn't know anything what's going to happen with me. I still remember I supply notes to my just juniors at that time in detailed covering all the points. Then my Roommate and my best friend asked me to write some of the medical articles for her and I write it for her to help her it was around 1500 words each article at time. 

And I always write everything she used to ask me, and it just happen at that time it caught my interest. I used to work for her clients through her for 2-3 years, and with this I learn lot of new skills including Medical writing without certification because I just want to learn more and more on each and every thing like the duties of Medical writers, Health Blog writers.  And in this meantime I also worked as a Ghostwriter with websites, Companies and Magazines without pay just their feedback to improve my writing for Medical Writing Position.

Then when I entered into my Final year, I start to explore the world of internet and learn everything from everywhere I can. With this I also join local Hospital nearby our University to gain some knowledge about OPD's and Clinical practice and dealing with Patient.

And when I entered into my Internship in 2022 March, I joined our city most running Hospital and attend OT's with Senior Doctors as a Assistant and also helped Senior Doctor with some of their Research works and from their, I learned about White Paper and Manuscripts and completed my Internship in Year 2023 March with Provisional Degree and License.

And always work on my soft skills including Communication skill by talking with patients and by talking with Senior writer's through Social media and by taking Business English course to polish it more. And now I am Publishing my website to let you know about me and services in detail.

Our Clients

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